Flea Market Chase

Toot! Toot!

I looked out the window. It was Jugs announcing his arrival.

“He’s here,” I informed.

Dad chuckled. “Well, he’s on time. I’ll say that.”

We made it outside to find Jugs standing in front of a three-wheeled vehicle—it had a yellow canvas top, open sides, and five-inch tires.

Erica’s eyes widened. “Are you kidding?” She looked at dad and then me. “Seriously? We’re riding in this thing?”

Dad laughed. “Relax, the auto-rickshaw is a tried and tested mode of transportation here.”

Well, this is something, I thought. At least getting in and out would be easy. Plus, the open cabin would surely be airy; no need for air-conditioning.

“This my personal auto-rickshaw—TuTu! She go very fast…at least thirty,” said Jugs enthusiastically.

“What happened to the cab?” I asked.

“I’m off today…so can’t bring cab.”

Meanwhile, Erica had circled the vehicle. “This thing is actually kind of cute,” she said surprisingly...text omitted…

Soon we reached the market which was spread on a hilly area. The parking lot was on the top, at the fourth level, as evident by a marker near the gate. Narrow cobbled steps snaked down to each level, the sides of which were cluttered by a myriad of shops.

Jugs parked TuTu near the entrance. We got down and shook our limbs loose. Sitting in a tight space had its benefits...text omitted…

“Wow, this some market,” I said, eying the expanse of shops below.

“Let’s go,”  I said...text omitted…

Some clanged their items creating a cacophony that drew attention. Others tried out-yell the next guy with announcements. A strong aroma of fried cuisine floated in the air..text omitted…

Walking across, I almost bumped into a guy, who was standing at the store entrance.

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Published by joshitinus

Author of Daniel Ledroocke - The Ivory Blades