Welcome to the landing page of my debut novel, Daniel Ledroocke—The Ivory Blades. A synopsis of the novel is below. To read posted chapters, Click here: TOCCh-1Ch-2Ch-3Ch-5.

An ordinary seventh grader with anxiety issues is the current guardian of a mystical torc—Only he doesn’t know it!

Why? Because Daniel Ledroocke is unaware that the mark on his neck is actually a torc imprint. And whoever carries it becomes the next rightful keeper of a supernatural torc.

As far as Daniel was concerned, the only unusual thing he had ever paid attention to was his weird sixth sense when it came to plants; he could occasionally tune into their minds.

But, this never helped him with his edginess—Something that had given him a pesky reputation at school.

Daniel’s life changes completely when their dad plans a trip to the land of snow peaks and yetis, Nepal. A last-minute change takes them to India. Here their seemingly enjoyable vacation takes a drastic turn when a visit to a local flea market turns into a frightening chase. A trio of zombie look-alikes pursues them relentlessly with intent to kill. Their local tourist guide, Jugs, plans their escape on a three-wheeler. He manages to drive them to the station where they board a steam train which starts off at three thousand feet.

But then their dad forces them all to leap off their runaway coach straight into a waterfall

Unknown to Daniel & his sister Erica, they’ve just crossed a portal into Nametesia—A parallel & magical world known only to few.

Their escort, Nima, a magnificent white lioness, leads them to Mt. Akar where they are received by the Nainee tribe, the last eagle riders, who reside in a captivating city carved out of the mountain.

Here the mystical Mirror of Times unveils to Daniel his destiny and connection to the powerful torc.

A torc created in the holy fire by the three high priests. A torc that could alter the balance of worlds and can only be activated by the three core items: The Ivory Blades, The Red Ruby, and three drops of Sacred Blood. A torc whose powers bewitched and led astray Zargoan, one of the priests, who then led a crusade and pillaged a flourishing kingdom in its pursuit.

Daniel further finds out that the Ivory Blades had been secured by an Adlet since it went missing…

Meanwhile banished from Mt. Akar, Zargoan has amassed a huge reptilian army and is actively seeking the blades.

Because of a solemn oath, the high priests now live a life of confinement. And, as the rightful keeper of the torc, it’s now on Daniel to reclaim the blades safely.

His initial unwillingness to accept his new role fades away when his dad discloses a heartbreaking truth about his mom—She sacrificed her life to save him from Zargoan’s evil sister Estrella, who was sent to kill him when he was young.

It becomes evident to Daniel that he is the only one who can foil Zargoan’s plan for ultimate power.

All hopes are now pinned on him.

Daniel needs to develop his latent powers under the eyes of the masters, conquer his fears, and befriend a giant eagle. Unfortunately, the unstable nature of his torc imprint makes it clear to him that time is not on his side…