Welcome to the landing page of my debut novel, Daniel Ledroocke – The Ivory Blades. A brief synopsis of the novel is below. To read posted chapters, Click here: TOCCh-1Ch-2Ch-3Ch-5.

An ordinary seventh grader with jittery nerves is the current guardian of a mystical and powerful torc – only he doesn’t know it!

Why? Because Daniel Ledroocke was never informed by his father that the mark on his neck is actually a torc imprint and whoever carries it becomes the next rightful keeper of the torc.

Thirteen-year-old Daniel’s life changes when their dad plans a trip to the land of snow peaks and yetis, Nepal. Their seemingly enjoyable vacation takes a drastic turn when a visit to a local flea market turns into a frightening chase. A trio of zombie lookalikes pursues them relentlessly with intent to kill. They try to escape by boarding a steam train which starts off at three thousand feet.

But then their runaway coach plunges off straight into a waterfall

Unknown to Daniel & his sister Erica, they’ve just crossed a portal into Nametesia – A parallel & magical world whose existence is known to very few people. Their escort, Nima, a magnificent white lioness, leads them to Mt. Akar where the Mirror of Times unveils to him his destiny and his connection to the torc. It’s also revealed that the Ivory Blades, one of the prerequisites to establish the torc, has been secured by an Adlet since it went missing.

Daniel’s initial reluctance to receive the dictum fades away when he’s made aware of a painful truth regarding his mom.

She sacrificed her life to save him & his sister…

The cause of her death, Zargoan, a high priest who helped conceive the torc but has now turned rogue. Banished from Mt. Akar, Zargoan, has amassed a reptilian army, and is on the lookout for the Ivory Blades.

All hopes are now pinned on Daniel…

Will he be able to justify their trust and save his people? Can he embark on a quest to retrieve the Ivory Blades?.